This makes my day...

Imagine this scenario, it was a cold autumn afternoon and i was leaning on a bicycle stand wif miss L (not miss Loser) while waiting for the bus... suddenly an old man who was sitting inside the bus stop knocked on the glass divider which caught my attention...

immediately the thought that i might be scolded again zapped across my mind because of some bad experience wif old ppl in germany... he beckoned me to him and reluctantly i went up to him, pleading in my mind - please don scold me for leaning on the bicycle stand!

wif both fist reached out, he murmured sth which i cannot understand but nevertheless i think he was trying to ask me to imitate him so i did... i held out my fists and surprisingly, he gripped both my hands and start pulling me - i was having the shock of my life thinking tat he might do sth erm not nice to me... however, he was actually trying to stand up and was asking me to support him... and after a few seconds, he finally managed to stand up using me as a support and gav me the biggest and most sincere smile i've ever seen... he thanked me and in return i gav him my widest smile wif my eyes squinted to a line and wished him a very good day ahead...

so tat's wat i wanna share today and to me, it was such a great honour to be able to help the old man standing up... a great day indeed!

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